Ready for Africa

Klein maar Getrain

Kalfie is the smaller trailer in our range but still the trailer to have when camping in the extreme African terrain

Living like a King

The Survivor - this modern, easy, stylish and convenient trailer makes camping an absolute bliss.  Perfect for those who enjoy the luxury of camping or suffer from injuries such as back and knee problems. The Survivor will ensure you live like a king in the depths of the African bush.

The Legend of all Caravans

Our one and only legendary 4x4 Serengeti Caravan is built for the rough and tough landscape of Africa but filled with luxury, space and comfort. Being light yet incredibly strong, our largest Caravan is a dream to travel with.


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Wilder as die Wildtuin

Our Executive trailer is our most popular trailer simply because of its bigger size allowing an extensive range of extras. It makes camping in Africa the absolute pleasure that it should be. 

New 2018 Serengeti

The Caravan of Champions

The new 2018 Serengeti model is an a cozy, compact, rugged and tuff caravan. With a set up time of just 1 minute and 50 seconds you can go from an empty campsite to living the luxury and enjoying your getaways. Fully offroad and easy to pull. Click here to see our video.


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Custom Built Cargo trailers

All our Cargo Trailers ar build from scratch according to the client's specifications and needs.

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